Genaro Network – The Blockchain 3.0 Revolution

The Genaro Network is the first decentralized storage network with a Turing-complete public blockchain, providing blockchain developers a one-stop solution to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously. Meanwhile, Genaro provides everyone with a trustworthy internet and a sharing community. As the creator behind the blockchain 3.0 concept, Genaro aims to contribute to blockchain infrastructure technology development. Through the Genaro Hub and Accelerator, we aim to foster thousands of DAPPS, to move applications from the Cloud to the Blockchain and thereby create a global blockchain ecosystem.

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Genaro Hub and Genaro Accelerator

The Genaro Hub is designed to be a revolutionary workspace where concepts of coworking, coliving, and cocreating are combined, and all linked together by a social and business community utilizing the Genaro ecosystem. One of the major components of the Hub will be the Genaro Accelerator, a resident incubation and acceleration platform that will support the creation of the DAPPS that utilize the Genaro Network. It will provide mentorship, technical expertise, marketing support, and community funding to allow the teams and projects to flourish.

Genaro Network Development Milestones

The Genaro idea was first proposed in March, 2016. During the past one and half years, the Genaro Vulcan and Epsilon plans have been accomplished successfully. The Genaro team is now working on what are known as its Romulus plan and Eden plan – building the decentralized storage network for DAPPs and user friendly applications for users to share their unused storage space. Finally, the Genaro Altair plan will see the creation of the whole blockchain 3.0 ecosystem, where DAPPs can be easily deployed via the Genaro public chain and storage network.

Genaro’s Strategic Milestones

Genaro’s conceptual blockchain 3.0 model debuted to the public in Nov. 2016, at China Business Event’s Shanghai Fintech forum, where co-founder shared the basic framework. Subsequently Genaro received seed funding from two of the top global blockchain supporters, BlockAsset and ChainBase, and has attracted thousands of supporters from all over the world so far. In order to both develop its community and product faster, Genaro decided to launch Genaro Support Program in October, 2017, where contributors could donate ETH/BTC and get GNX in return. For its future strategy, Genaro is building a “Genaro Hub” and “Genaro Accelerator” to incubate Decentralized Applications built on the Genaro Network.