1️⃣Monetizing idle resources: Anyone can participate as a storage provider in Genaro Network to provide idle hard drive space and bandwidth

2️⃣ Innovative consensus: Genaro’s SPoR and PoS hybrid consensus mechanism not only improves the efficiency of file transfers, but also expands the scalability of the network

3️⃣ On-chain governance: Genaro has a unique on-chain data governance approach, giving the community a chance to make major decisions

4️⃣Scalability: Genaro network’s efficient cloud storage solutions can meet the growing demand for data storage in the metaverse sector and Web3.0, while ensuring the security and effectiveness of data storage

5️⃣Ideal for all types of apps: Genaro Network decentralized cloud storage service provides a one-stop platform for developers around the world

6️⃣Strong security: Genaro provides every user with a trusted way of accessing dApps, connecting the real world with the blockchain world through the deployment of smart contracts